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Why site moved?

Hello Readers!

Hope you are doing well.

Here’s why I changed the domain name from to

Back in May 2017, I purchased the domain “” to experiment with pages related to PHP & SQL. Soon my experiments were over and I left the domain.

In July 2017, I decided to create a blog to share my knowledge. At that time I was not sure about what my blog was gonna be so instead of purchasing a new domain I continued with

I was completely new to blogging & I didn’t knew what I was doing. Later I started writing about different ways to make money online and did some SEO to rank on Google.

Slowly the blog started gaining visitors from Google and that made me write more & more content about online money making.

Thus became a blog with information about making money online.

The blog started generating new followers every day and Google rankings kept increasing every month.

However, I was not satisfied with the domain name because the word “inconite” is meaningless and for some people it was harder to remember.

So, I decided to take a big step to change the domain name. came to my mind & I decided to go with it.

Changing the domain name of a website is always a risky thing to do because your site may lose search engine rankings very badly if not done properly.

Knowing all those facts I still continued with domain switching because “inconite” was simply meaningless + I wanted this blog to succeed on a long-term basis.

So Before moving on to the new domain, I learned about all of the process involved and executed it perfectly(my guess).

Thus was moved to

My request to you: If you see any bugs then please comment below.

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