5 Best Paying Online Micro Jobs sites to Earn $250+ Every Month

These days many people are getting driven towards online micro jobs but most of them give up before they could even start.

The reason is people think that it is difficult to earn money online but, that is not true!

What if I told you that you can earn money by doing very simple online micro jobs like:

Liking or sharing on Facebook or Twitter, downloading or rating apps, registering on websites and much more…

Yes, you can earn money by doing very simple tasks from sites called as Micro Job sites or Crowdsourcing sites.

Online Micro Jobs sites are those that pay their members for performing very simple tasks posted by many companies or other people.

Best Micro Job sites

On this page, I’m going to show you a list of best micro job sites from which you can start earning money.

No investment and no experience is required to earn money from Micro Job sites online.

How Micro Job sites work?

The term Micro Jobs itself indicates that the jobs are very (micro)small.

Many companies or people want their simple tasks to be done by other people so they come to the best online micro jobs sites and post their requirements(jobs) there.

Let’s say a person posted a picture on Facebook and he wants many likes to his post, in that case, he comes to micro jobs sites and posts his Facebook post URL there and pays the members who like it.

In another case, let’s say a company launched a new website and it wants many new registrations so it will come to micro jobs sites and post its request and pay a certain amount per each signup.

So the people who post jobs are called as employers and the people who complete those jobs are called as workers.

Micro jobs are very simple and require no hard work at all.

One can easily earn from $50 – $150+ every month by doing Micro Jobs for few hours daily.

Few examples of micro jobs:

1: Like or share social media posts
2: Sign Up on websites
3: Download apps or text files
4: Write a review for apps
5: Take a small survey
6: Visit sites
7: Watch Videos
8: Sign up for news tellers and more…

Micro Jobs

From the above image, you can see many different jobs posted by different people.

Most of the jobs are based on sign-ups and people are paying a decent amount for just 2 – 3 minutes work.

Some Micro Jobs are available for targeted countries and some jobs are available for all of the countries.

People from the United States, UK, Canada and Australia get more number of micro jobs.

Steps to start Earning Money from Micro Job sites

Follow the below steps to start earning from micro jobs or Crowdsourcing sites.

Step 1: First you need to create an account on Micro Jobs sites. (you will find a list of best micro job sites below)

You will be asked to fill the details like country, full name, email, etc..

Step 2: Login to your account and click on the menu that says “Jobs” or “Available Jobs” to find a list of jobs available for you.

Step 3: Now click on the job you want to complete >> A new page will open >> Next read the instructions to complete the job.

Now complete the job by following the instructions and provide the required proof that you have completed the job in the provided box and submit it.

Step 4: Now you’ll have to wait for some time and when the job poster approves the job then you will get the money.

Step 5: Every micro job site has a different minimum withdrawal amount and after you have reached the min withdrawal amount then you can request for payment by filling your payment details.

Most of the best Crowdsourcing sites pay via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you can create one for free.

See this guide how to create a PayPal account for free

After you receive the funds to your PayPal account, you can transfer it to your bank account with 0% fees.

List of best Micro Job Sites

Below you are going to find a list of the best Micro Job sites or Crowdsourcing sites on the internet.

I have worked and tested all of them before posting them here.

These micro jobs sites are listed based on their Alexa rankings. Top rank sites appear first.

The money you earn from the below best micro job sites is 100% guaranteed. There is no scamming at all!

1: MTruk (Amazon Mechanical Turk)

Mechanical Turk(in short MTruk) is the worlds biggest crowdsourcing website.

MTruk is one of the reliable best Micro Jobs sites because it it owned by Amazon.


MTurk is online since 2005 with millions of members worldwide.

According to Alexa rankings, MTurk ranks one among top 7k websites in the world.

On MTurk, Micro jobs or Crowdsourcing jobs are called as HITs(Human Intelligence Tasks).

There are two kinds of people on MTruk. The people who post jobs are called as Requestors and the people who complete those jobs are called as Workers.

To start working on MTurk, first you need to create an account on Amazon and then you need to Sign in as a worker using the same login details as Amazon.

Now Amazon will review your request for a worker and your request may get approved or rejected.

MTurk pays via Amazon gift cards and bank transfer. There is no Min withdrawal amount.

Click here to join Mturk. You will find few other sites like Mturk below.

2: FigureEightTasks

With under 80k Alexa rank, FigureEight is a very popular Micro Jobs website which offers Micro Jobs through other third-party websites.

It was formerly known ad Crowdflower.

To earn money from FigureEight tasks you need to join sites like Neobux and ySense because they are linked to FigureEight and are very popular websites which offer FigureEight tasks.

At Neobux, you can withdraw your earning via Skrill or Neteller when you reach $2.

Neobux also offers other ways to earn like viewing ads, playing games, etc..

Check this Neobux earnings guide to start earning with Neobux and FigureEight tasks.

At ySense, you can withdraw your earning via Payoneer or Skrill.

ySense also offers other ways to earn like completing offers, taking surveys and more.

Check this ySense earnings guide to start earning with ySense and FigureEight tasks.

3: MicroWorkers

Microworkers is another very popular crowdsourcing website with 25k Alexa rank.

It is online since 2009 and owned by Weblabcenter Inc. Microworkers has more than 1 million workers worldwide.

microworkers logo

To start working with MicroWorkers you need to create an account on it by filling the required details and by verifying the PIN sent by them.

Next, you need to click on the “Jobs” menu to find the available jobs and start working.

At Microworkers, the Min Withdrawal amount is $9 + fees

4: ClickWorker

ClickWorker is another website which is counted among top Micro Job sites. It is online since 2005 with more than 1 million registered users.


According to Alexa rankings, ClickWorker ranks one among top 32k websites in the world.

ClickWorker is a little bit different from other Micro job sites.

It is much like a freelancer website where you can work independently using your skills.

ClickWorker pays via PayPal and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5

You will find more sites like ClickWorker on this page. Click here to join ClickWorker

5: RapidWorkers

Rapidworkers is yet another popular online Micro Jobs website.

It is online since 2009 and ranks among top 53k websites in the world(Alexa rankings).


At RapidWorkers, the people who offer Tasks are called as Employers and the people who complete those tasks are called as Workers.

I like Rapidworkers because it is very simple to understand & work there than compared other micro job sites.

You will always find very simple jobs on RapidWorkers.

RapidWorkers pays via PayPal and Skrill. The min withdrawal amount is $8 + 6% fees for Paypal and 8% for Skrill.

Join Rapidworkers here

Final Words:

If you are looking for just a part-time income then MicroJobs will be a perfect option to start.

You can earn just a little over $200 every month from the above best micro job sites.

Don’t get confused, Micro Jobs and Crowd Sourcing is one and the same.

As I said earlier that the above websites are very trusted and you will get the money for the work you have done, its guaranteed!

Using micro job sites you can earn only a little income.

If you want income over $500 every month then check out the recommended method to earn money online here.

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