Earn Money From Top & Best PTC Sites of 2019 | Make $400+ Monthly

If you are a beginner and want to earn money online then earning from PTC sites will be a perfect option for you.

Because PTC sites require no knowledge and no experience to earn. People of all ages, students, homemakers, etc.. can earn money from PTC sites.

If you are really interested in filling your pocket with the best PTC sites then read the below content clearly.

best ptc sites

Here, You are going to find all the details about PTC sites and a guide to earning money from PTC sites.

Quick Summary:

1. You just need a PC or Laptop or Mobile with an internet connection to earn from PTC sites.
2. Join all the PTC sites listed below and start clicking ads.
3. Withdraw your earnings to online payment processors and then to Bank 🙂
4. Done!

Continue reading to find a step-by-step guide to earn from best PTC sites.

Contents of this Page:

What are PTC sites?

How to register my account on a PTC site?

How to start earning money from PTC sites?

Ways to increase my earnings from PTC sites?

What are Direct Referrals?

What are Rented Referrals?

How will I get Paid from PTC sites?

List of Top and best Paying PTC sites

What are PTC sites?

Earn from PTC sitesPTC sites pay their members for clicking advertisements. PTC stands for paid-to-click.

You watch ads on television but no one pays you for that but PTC sites will pay you money for watching ads.

You can earn from $0.001 – $0.1+ by watching each advertisement of duration ranging from 5 – 60 seconds.

PTC sites are one of the worlds easiest sites to make money online. You will not find any other easy methods to earn online.

PTC sites acts are mediators between advertisers and viewers(members).

Advertisers purchase advertisement credits to show their Websites/product to viewers. And the PTC sites pay their members for clicking those advertisements.

How to register my account on a PTC site?

registerRegistering on PTC sites takes just 1 – 3 minutes. To register a PTC site just scroll below and find a list of best paying PTC sites.

Then, click on the banner of a site which you want to register and after you click on the banner a website will load.

Next, you need to click on the Register or Sign Up button and fill the required details. Some sites will ask you to verify your email address.

After you have verified your email address you can log in to that PTC site by using your username and password.

Remember: You can register only one account on a PTC site per IP address or per PC. You can register as many PTC sites as you want but please don’t make two accounts on any of those PTC sites.

How to start Earning from PTC sites?

To start earning money from the PTC sites you need to login to your account then click on “View Advertisements” or “Earn Money” tab.

Now you will be able to see some advertisements, different PTC sites will have a different number of ads on their site.

Each ad can make you from $0.001 – $0.1+ based on their duration. So if you Join a PTC site which has 4 ads of value $0.01 then you can earn $0.04 per day from that PTC site.

$0.04 per day from a single PTC site may sound very less but there are some other ways too to earn from PTC sites. Continue reading…

This way, without investing anything you can earn money by clicking ads.

You can earn $10 or even more from a single PTC site daily by using other methods. Those methods include. Earning from Rented Referrals, Direct Referrals, Tasks, etc…

How to increase my Earnings from PTC sites?

Clicking ads is not the only option to earn from PTC sites, they also offer several other methods to earn.

You can increase your earnings from PTC sites by,

1: login into your account and click ads daily
2: Perform Tasks, Offers, Surveys, etc..
3: Upgrade your membership
4: Find Direct Referrals
5: Rented Referrals

Tasks: Tasks are very easy to complete and they take less than 5 minutes each. Tasks may include finding words in an article or like Fb pages, etc..

Offers: There are many offers on PTC sites such as registering on websites, playing games, buying from recommended websites, etc.. You will get paid for doing these things.

Surveys: Many companies need your opinion to make their products or services better. You can give your feedback and earn.

What are direct Referrals?

Direct Referrals are people who join PTC sites using your referral link. If your direct referrals click ads or complete Tasks then you will get a certain % of earnings based on your membership.

To find direct referrals you need to ask your friends to join a PTC site using your referral link or promote your referral link on other sites.

On most of the sites, referral links look like this: http://sitename.com/?r=username

You will find your referral link on “Banners” or Promotional Tools page. The more direct referral you have, the more you will earn.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rented Referrals are people whom you rent for 30 days. The Price per Rented Referral may differ on each PTC site but the normal price to a referral is $0.20.

You can rent referrals using your account balance(if you have) or by depositing money.

These Rented Referrals will click some ads and make you money. Sometimes Rented Referrals may not make you profit so please make sure that they are profitable before renting on any site.

To find if Rented Referrals are profitable, visit “Your Status” section in the forum of the site you want to rent.

If you are a beginner then please don’t rent straight away, take somebody’s advice or comment below.

How will I get Paid from PTC sites?

These days most of the top PTC sites are Paying via payment processors such as PerfectMoney, BitCoin, PayPal, etc..

You need to an have account on these payment processors to get paid for the work you have done.

You can transfer your earnings from your payment processors to your bank account anytime.

If you haven’t joined these Payment Processors then join now by clicking on the following links: Join PerfectMoney, Join BitCoin Wallet, Join PayPal.

If you don’t know how to join those payment processors then click here

Please make sure that you fill correct information while registering on any of those Payment Processors as they are like online banks.

Below you will find a List of best PTC sites from which you can earn money from home.

You can join all of those PTC sites, the more PTC sites you join, the more you will earn.

Please don’t create two accounts on any of those sites. If you want two accounts then get another computer with a different internet connection.

List of Top & Best Paying PTC sites of 2019

You can register any or all of the PTC sites by clicking on the banners.

Site 1: ySense – Since 2007 (formerly ClixSense)

PTC site clixsense
 Earn from: Surveys, offers, Tasks and more, Min Payout = $10 | Payments: 1, 2, …

Check this guide: How I made $21,436 from ySense?

Site 2: Neobux – Since 2008

PTC site neobux
Earn: Per click = $0.001+, Min Payout = $2 | Payments: 1, 2, …

Check this guide: Neobux Earning Tips and Tricks

Site 3: PtcShare – Since June 2019

Earn: Per click =  $0.01+, Min Payout = $2 | Payments: coming soon

Find PtcShare Earnings guide here.

Site 4: Optimalbux (since Jan 2018, owned by ScarletClicks)

optimalbux banner
Earn: Per click =  $0.001+, Min Payout = $5 | Payments: 1, 2, …

Bitcoin Earning PTC sites list:

Below you will find a list of best PTC sites to earn Bitcoin. Find more bitcoin earning sites here.

If you want to withdraw your Bitcoin earning then use Blockchain, and if you want to exchange Bitcoins for your local currency then use LocalBitcoins.com

Site 1: BTCclicks – Since 2013

btcclicks banner
Earn per click = 0.00000098 BTC, Min Payout = 0.0001 BTC

Site 2: AdBTC – Since 2016

adbtc banner
Earn: Per click = 100+ sat, Surfing, Min Payout = 0.00015 BTC

Site 3: BitFun – Since 2017

Earn Bitcoins with bitfun
Earn: Per click = 50+ sat, Surfing, Min Payout = 0.00001 BTC

There are many other PTC sites as well but those sites may not pay you.

All the above best PTC sites(except few) are very old and proven to be paying since 2014 or before.

Earnings from clicking ads might be less but once you get experience in PTC industry then you will automatically start earning more from PTC sites because “TIME IS EXPERIENCE = MONEY”

If you have any doubts regarding any of those PTC sites or if you have any questions then comment below.

In case you want to earn money by giving your opinion then read about online Survey jobs.

21 thoughts on “Earn Money From Top & Best PTC Sites of 2019 | Make $400+ Monthly”

  1. Hello!I have not beeb involved with ptc sites.Its possible to make some money?I’m thinking of investing a small amount to get more profits (Like Neobux etc).I will wait for your news

    1. @Tzamalaias, To make profits from Neobux you need to follow a strict RR strategy and it will take long time to reach ROI but if you have some active Direct Referrals then you will make good profits. You can earn a decent income from Neobux without investment if you complete mini Jobs daily.
      You can also try Difbux, it is new and evolving, and you will reach ROI faster than compared to Neobux.

    1. It is because, if multiple accounts were allowed from same PC or IP then same user would create many accounts to click ads leading damage to the advertisers so, creating multiple account is strictly not allowed in PTC sites.

  2. I found a new PTC site, advertslab.com . It seems legitimate but I can’t tell. Please, could you help review it for the benefits of us starters?

    1. @Segun, To me that site looks suspicious because I think their statistics are wrong. A site having 400k+ Alexa rank will not have 37k registered members & $123k paid out amount. My suggestion is you should stay away, you can try Paidverts instead because the concept is same.

  3. Thank you for your response and another doubt is it possible to use the survey sites in android. If it is pissible to earn by mobile tell me that sites names please?

    1. @bhadri, Yes it is possible to earn money from survey sites using mobile. You can find a list of surveys by moving your mouse cursor on “Make Money Online” menu above then click on “Online Surveys”.

  4. Sorry and this is the last question from my side please answer to me
    Prize rebel
    Inbox dollar
    My points.
    From above 4 sites which are working well in india and in android. If all above are working in india and android please reply just few words

  5. Which site is the best to earn money in Bangladesh? Is it legal? Or I may face trouble by laws of Bangladesh?

    1. All of the PTC sites listed on this page pay via many different payment processors. You can cashout your earnings to those processors and can transfer your money to bank account.
      When it comes to best PTC site then Neobux is best of all.

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