Neobux Review 2020 | How I made $16,318 | Neobux Tips & Tricks

Neobux is one of the best websites for beginners to earn money online.

It is one of my favorite sites because I have already received $16,318+ from it. Join it here.

Whenever a beginner asks me to suggest a site to make money online then my first choice is Neobux, because no experience and no investments are required to earn.

Neobux is online since 2008 and it is perfect for newbies and experts to make money.

Want to know how I made $16,318 from Neobux?
Then go to the Neobux Tips & Tricks section below to find the exact strategy I followed.

One can earn there simply by viewing advertisements, completing simple offers, Mini Jobs, playing games, etc…


When it comes to earning money from Neobux, many know only about 2 or 3 ways, but actually, there are 7 ways to earn from it and each of them is explained step-by-step below.

You will also find, Neobux Strategy, Tips & Tricks, Payment Proof, etc…. on this page.

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Neobux Review 2020: A Scam or Legit?

Neobux is a paid-to-click(PTC) advertising service which pays its members for viewing advertisements, completing simple jobs, playing games, etc..

I started working with Neobux in 2014 and as I said earlier I made $16,000 from it to this day.

I have very good working experience and I know how it works.

Is Neobux Scam?

Neobux Review

No, Neobux is not a scam!

It is online since 2008 and it always pays instantly to its members. When a PTC site stops paying then it is considered as a scam but Neobux is paying since 2008.

Is Neobux Legit?

Yes, Neobux is legit!

When a PTC site pays for more than a year without having any complaints then it is considered a legit So, since it is online and paying since 2008 it is considered as a Legit PTC site.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot of my Neobux account.

Neobux earnings

As you can see from the above image, I have already received $16,318 and there are several of Neobux members who received more than I did.

View tips and tricks section below to know how I did this.

As a beginner, you can’t earn that much but once you get experienced and develop a good Neobux strategy then you can too earn thousands of dollars from Neobux.

What is Neobux?

Neobux is a paid to click advertising service which is online and paying since 25th March 2008.

Members can earn money with Neobux by viewing advertisements, playing games, completing offers, etc…

It is considered as the king of PTC sites because of its vast popularity. It has more than 30 million registered members.

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According to Alexa rankings, Neobux is one among top 1000 ranked websites in the world.

To learn how to earn money from Neobux continue reading.

How to Earn Money from Neobux?

There are several ways to make money from Neobux and those methods are listed below.

You need to login to your Neobux account to start earning. If you haven’t joined Neobux yet, then join it here.

Follow the below methods to easily earn from $2 – $10 per day.

You can earn from Neobux by,

1: Viewing Advertisements
2: Playing AdPrize Game
3: Completing Mini Jobs (best)
4: Completing Coin Offers
5: Playing Games
6: Direct Referrals
7: Rented Referrals

The amount you earn from those methods will go to your “Main Balance” and once your main balance reaches $2 then you can withdraw your earning to your Skrill Account.

All of the above-earning methods are described below in detailed. Read carefully and start earning.

1. Through Viewing Advertisements

The simplest methods to earn from Neobux is by viewing advertisements.

There are about 20+ advertisements on Neobux each day.

Viewing ads is really fun, you need to click on the ad, then wait for a few seconds and close the ad.

Guide to view Advertisements:

Step 1: Login to your Neobux account and then click on View Advertisements button. Refer the image below.

neobux menu

Step 2: Now you will be able to see some advertisements similar to the ones shown in the image below.

There are different kinds of advertisements. The color or each advertisement type will be different.

Neobux advertisemsents page

Step 3: Now, start viewing the advertisements. First, start with the orange-colored ads.

To view an advertisement click on it >> then click on the red dot >> another page will open >> a timer will run for few seconds and the advertisement will be completed >> the money will be credited to your account.

Every time you view an advertisement, an amount of $0.001 – $0.01, a point and 4 chances to play AdPrize will be credited to your account.

  • Points can be used to Upgrade your account and extend rented referrals. You will find more info about points further in this post.
  • AdPrize is a game where you can win some cool prizes. You will find more information about AdPrize below.

Post view ad

Step 4: Finish viewing all of the advertisements one by one.

To earn more you need to login to your Neobux account daily and view all of the displayed advertisements.

Note: You can view an advertisement only once in 24 hours. The advertisements will reset once every 24 hours.

You should not view advertisements on your mobile phone.

2. By Playing AdPrize Game

AdPrize is one of the very interesting features on Neobux to earn money.

It is like a jackpot game and if you are lucky then you can win some awesome Prizes.

There are three kinds of Prizes that you can win from Neobux AdPrize,

1: Main balance from $0.25 – $50
2: Points from 10 – 10,000
3: Golden Membership worth $90 for 1 year

Neobux AdPrize win
Example of winnings from Neobux AdPrize

There are many members who have already won over $500 from AdPrize.

Look at the screenshot of total Adprize winnings of one of my friend, he won a total of $349.27

Neobux AdPrize winnings

To start playing AdPrize,

First, you need to view all of the available advertisements. Each ad you will give you 4 chances to play AdPrize.

The more ads you view the more chances you will get to play AdPrize.

After you have completed viewing all of the advertisements, just scroll down on the view Advertisements page and you will find an option to play AdPrize. Refer the below image.

Neobux Adprize

The number 20 on the button indicates the number of chances left to play the AdPrize game.

Next, click on the button to start playing >> A new window will open, a timer will run for 5 sec and the result will be displayed.

Most of the times you won’t win anything so click on next button to continue to try your luck.

Play Neobux AdPrize

Strategy to win big on Noebux AdPrize:

The only strategy to win big on Neubux is to play AdPrize each and every day. The more you play the more you will win.

You may not win anything on the first day or for few days, but if you play it daily then the chances of winning big will increase and one day you may win $50 or Golden membership.

That’s how people win big on Neobux. Good Luck with your winnings!

3. By Completing Mini Jobs

Completing Mini Jobs is the best method to earn a lot of money. By completing Mini Jobs you can easily earn from $2 – $10 every day.

Mini Jobs, the terms itself indicates that the jobs are very tiny.

Mini Jobs are really easy to complete, you just need to read the instructions for each job and start working.

While completing mini jobs you will be asked to do simple jobs like finding the author of a given page, categorizing products, finding company information, etc..

Each job takes about 1 – 10 minutes to complete and you will earn about $0.01 – $0.10+ per each Mini Job you do.

Guide to Earn from Neobux Mini Jobs:

Step 1: Login to your account and then move your cursor on the Offers menu.

A drop-down menu will appear,  then click on the Mini Jobs option.

Neobux Mini Jobs Option

Step 2: Now you will be able to see some available mini jobs, you can also see the amount that you will earn per a particular task >> Click on the job you want to complete >> You will be taken to a website called FigureEight >> Next you need to join that website.

FigureEight is a website which gives Mini Jobs to Noebux members.

Available Mini Jobs

After you have joined the FigureEight website, you need to login to it.

Now, you need to go back to Neobux mini jobs page again and click on the available mini job.

A FigureEight task page will open and you will be in the quiz mode(in the beginning) and you need to pass the test/quiz mode to start earning.

There will be a set of instructions to complete the job. You need to read those instructions and start answering the quiz questions.

Quiz mode

Step 3: After you have cleared the quiz mode, then you will be in work mode and per each job you complete, the money will be generated based on the amount given for that particular task.

In order to continue working on a particular job, you need to maintain 70% accuracy.

Have a look at few of the Mini Jobs completed by me. You can see that on avg, I completed each job in 7 minutes and earned $0.09 per each task.

Completed mini jobs on Neobuxx

The good things about completing Mini jobs on Newbux is, per every $1 you make with Mini Jobs you will get $0.18(18%) for free as a standard member.

Suppose you made $10 from mini jobs then you will get $1.80 for free.

Tips to earn more with Neobux Mini Jobs:

Visit Neobux daily and try to complete as many jobs as you can. The more jobs you complete the more you will earn.

Sometimes Mini Jobs may not be available for you because mini jobs are mostly available for Level 1 or higher level members.

If you just started completing Mini Jobs then your level will be at “0”. At this level, fewer jobs will be available for you.

To reach level 1 you need to complete a total of 100 jobs and your accuracy should be 70+

After completing 100 jobs if your total accuracy is 80%+ then your level will become 2 and if your accuracy is 85%+ then your level will be at 3. Refer to the below table for clear understanding.

crowdflower levels

To see the earning you made from Mini jobs, go to your account page, there you will find “Mini Jobs” button. Click on it to see your earnings.

TIP: To get more number of Jobs with high pay rates, you need to increase your level to at least level 1.

The more jobs you complete, the easier it will become & more you will earn per each task.

If you didn’t understand properly about the Mini Jobs then don’t worry because once you start working then you will understand everything and it will become very easy.

4. By Completing Coin Offers

Neobux Coin Offers is yet another way to earn money.

By completing each offer you will earn coins and coins can be converted to main balance(money).

After you complete an Offer, the coins will be in pending status for 60 days and then they will be credited to your account.

Coins Conversion

Guide to earn with Coin Offers:

Follow the below steps to earn Coins on Neobux.

Step 1: Login to your Neobux account and move your mouse cursor on the Offers menu, then click on Coins.

Now you will be able to see Coin Offers from many companies such as TrialPay, Super Rewards, OfferToro, etc..

There will be many coin offers and each offer will give you a different amount of coins.

Neobux Coin Offers

Step 2: Read each offer and decide which offer you want to complete. Now click on the provided button and complete the offer.

Offer may require you to watch videos, take online surveys, download apps, etc..

Step 3: Once the offer is completed, the Coins will show in pending status for 60 and then they will be credited to your account.

Complete as many offers you can and convert them to your Main Balance.

5. By Playing Games

You can also earn money by playing games but the earning through Games is really very low so, I do not recommend this method to earn from Neobux.

To earn from Games, you need to click on the Games menu, then click on Play now button.

Games on Neobux

Now you need to play any game for a minimum of 2 minutes. The amount of $0.001 will be credited to your account balance.

You need to follow certain rules while playing Games on Neobux. You can find those rules on Neobux Games page.

6. Through Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals are people who join Neobux through your Referral link. There are several benefits of having Direct Referrals on Neobux.

You can find your referral by clicking on Banners button on your account page >> then copy the link.

Here is an example of a Referral link:

Note: You can refer people to Neobux only after 15 days from the date your joining.

Benefits of having Direct Referrals:

1: You will earn a certain amount of money whenever your referral clicks Orange ads.

2: When your referral completes Mini Jobs then you will earn a 12% commission. Suppose your referral earned $1 through mini jobs then you will earn $0.12 for free.

3: When your referral completes coin offers then you will earn a 20% commission. Suppose your referral made 1,000 coins then you will get 200 coins for free.

4: You will also earn a certain % of commission from your direct referrals when they make any purchases.

So, these are the benefits of having Direct Referrals on Neobux. Start Promoting your referral link to get more and more referrals.

Tips to get Direct Referrals on Neobux:

1: The best way to promote Neobux is word of the mouth.

Tell your friends or aunts or other people who are willing to work online.

If they are ready to join Neobux then give them your referral link through email and when they join, they will become your referral.

2: Share your referral link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc…

3: Join Money making groups on Facebook and post your referral link with a short description about Newbux.

4: Join money related forums and post your referral links there.

7. Through Rented Referrals

Rented Referrals are people and you can rent them to work for you for 30 days. Rented referrals only click ads and base on your membership you will earn $0.005 or $0.01 per their click.

Standard members will earn $0.005 per RR click and Upgraded members will earn $0.01 per RR click.

The value of each referral for 30 days is $0.20. You can also extend your referrals for 240 days with a 30% discount.

Note: If you are a beginner then I recommend you not to rent referrals because many people end up in loss after renting referrals.

To gain profit from your rented referrals, you need to be an expert so, work on Neobux for a few weeks, learn how to manage rented referrals by reading their forum and start renting.

How to Earn More On Neobux?

To earn more money from Neobux I recommend 3 ways.

1: Be active daily: View all ads, play all AdPrize chances, complete Mini jobs and Offers.

2: Refer as many people as you can based on your Direct Referral limit.

3: Upgrade your account: When you first join Neobux your membership will be Standard and you will be earning less when compared to upgraded members. You can upgrade your account to Golden to earn more.

Benefits of Upgrading your account:

1: There will be more number of ads available and you will be earning $0.01 per orange ad click instead of $0.001

2: The commission you earn after completing $1 worth of mini jobs will increase from $0.18 to $0.30

3: The Direct referral limit will increase and your earning from direct referral clicks will increase from $0.0005 to $0.005

4: The Rented Referral limit will be increased and you will be earning $0.01 per RR click instead of $0.005

The Golden membership on Neo bux costs $90 per year. You can also upgrade your account to Golden if you have 30,000 points.

Neobux Strategy | Tips & Tricks

Wondering how I made over $16,000 from Neobux? these are the things I followed.

When I first joined Neobux back in 2014, I started following the below Neobux strategy to increase my income.

1: I click all the ads and collect points(clicking ads gives you points).

2: I play the AdPrize game daily. The more you play, the bigger you win.

You can even win $50 or Golden membership for 1 year.

3: Complete Mini Jobs daily and try to reach level 3.

Once you reach level 3 then you can earn a huge amount of income by completing Mini Jobs.

I do Mini jobs daily and earned about $3 – $5 every day.

4: Collect points and when you reach 30,000 points upgrade your account.

5: If you want to upgrade your account for just $70 then you need to wait for festive days like Black Friday, Christmas, New year, Valentine’s day, etc…

On those days Neobux runs a quick promo for 24 hours and you can get Golden membership for just $70.

I always wait for those moments to upgrade my account.

6: Visit Neobux forum daily and read other Neobux members success stories, it will help you to develop your own strategy to earn from Neobux.

And the main thing, I made $16k from Neobux mostly through referral commissions. I get referrals and I share them this guide.

This guide helps them earn and in return, I get more referral commissions.

Neobux Payment Proof

This is a screenshot of one of my Payments from Neobux.

Neobux Payment Proof


Neobux is a great PTC site to earn money online without any experience. It is very safe and nobody can hack or cheat it.

It is Paying instantly since 2008 and it one among top 800 ranked websites in the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Join Neobux today and start earning. Good Luck!

Comment below if you have any doubts.

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