ySense Review 2020: How I made $21,000+ on ySense | Tips & Tricks

ySense was formerly known as ClixSense (On Aug 01, 2019, they changed the site name from ClixSense.com to ySense.com)

Have you ever imagined that you can make thousands of dollars from a single website?

If you haven’t, then I will show you the right way that made me $21,436 from a single website called ySense.

To view or join ySense, click here

Look at the screenshot of my ySense Account. As shown in the below image, my account has made me $21,436.

Please Note:

ySense is not an investment program. It will never ask you to invest anything.
ySense is absolutely free for everybody so take this as an advantage and earn as much as you can 😉

Also, check the world’s 10 best money earning sites that made me $40k+ so far.

I joined ySense on November 13, 2013, and so far I’ve been paid $19,368 (Total earned $21,436).


On this page, I am going to teach you how to earn money from ySense step-by-step.

I will also share my personal ySense Strategy, Payment Proofs, and ySense Tricks that made me thousands of dollars.

ySense Review 2020: Is ySense a Scam or Legit?

ysense reviewBelow you will find a very accurate and honest review of ySense in 2020.

I have been with (ClixSense)ySense.com for 5 years so, I know everything about it and how it works.

ySense is owned by a very trusted company from the United States.

It is paying since 2007 without missing even a single payment. And so far, it has paid over $39 million to its members.

There is no limit on the amount you can earn from y Sense.

Is ySense a Scam?

No – ySense is been Paying since 2007 and it has never missed even a single payment.

You can find all members Payment Proofs on their forum. You will find my payment proofs below.

If you found anything bad about ySense or if you have any complaints then you can comment below.

I am sure that ySense is not a website that will have any complaints.

Is ySense Legit?

Absolutely yes! – As I said above (ClixSense)ySense is been paying since 2007 without missing even a single payment so it is 100% legit site.

ySense Review is now complete. So, y Sense is an awesome website to start earning money in 2020.

What is ySense?

ySense is a get-paid-to(GPT) site which pays its members for performing Online Surveys, Offers, Tasks and more.

ysense total paidySense(ClixSense) was launched in 2007 as a complete PTC site but slowly it transformed into a complete GPT site.

It was formerly known as ClixSense. But on Aug 01, 2019, they change their name to ySense.

So far, ySense has paid over $39.9 Million to its members since last 12 years.

ySense is a very popular website and according to Alexa, it ranks one among top 6000 websites in the world.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

I can’t say the exact amount that you can make from ySense but one thing I can say is,

You can easily earn $3 – $15 daily by working on ySense for 1 – 5 hours without any investment.

There are several ways to earn on ySense and it totally depends on you and how you are going to use those methods.

As of now, I am earning about $20 – $25 every single day and $650+ every month.

You can too earn as much as I do or even more by learning from this blog post.

There are some members on ySense who even make $50+ in a single day.

How To Make Money From ySense?

You can make money from ySense in the following ways. Join ySense here.

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Cash Offers
  3. Figure Eight Tasks
  4. Referrals

ySense earning methods

Each of the above methods is described below clearly. So, read and understand properly to start making money.

The best method to earn money from ySense is ySense Tasks, continue reading to find it.

Also, find the latest ySense tips and tricks, Strategy.

1. Earn By Taking ySense Surveys

At ySense, you can earn money by simply taking paid surveys. You can take any number of surveys in a single day.

Online paid surveys are questionnaires that target audience who are ready to give their feedback and interests about specific product or services.

It means that you will be paid just for giving your opinion about various product or services of different companies.

Your opinion helps those companies to improve their product and services.

How to Start Earning From Surveys?

Step 1: Login to your account and click on the Surveys tab which will be displayed on top the left of your screen.

Step 2: Now you will be able to see some surveys, but before you start taking online surveys, you need to complete your profile.

You can do that by clicking on the “Surveys Profile” button on the surveys page, as shown in the above image.

Please fill only true details.

ySense surveys

Step 3: Next, check the amount and duration of a survey and then click on the survey which you want to take.

A small option will appear with some details. There you need to click on the start button.

Next, a new tab will be opened and there you need to fill some details about you.

start ySense surveys

Step 4: After filling your details, if you are qualified then you will be taken to the original survey and there you should give your opinions about the listed product or services.

Step 5: And after you have completed the survey, the amount will be credited to your account balance. Sometimes it may a take few hours.

The surveys with the red flag will take 30 days to get credited to your account balance.

Please don’t follow any fake survey tricks to earn from surveys because your ySense account may get banned.

If you cannot earn from ySense Surveys then don’t worry because there are 3 more earning methods left.

2. Earn By Completing Offers

Earning money from ySense Offers is very simple.

All you have to do is install some mobile apps or register some sites or play games or watch videos or etc…

For every offer you complete, you will earn a certain amount of yCents.

Each ClixCent equals to $0.01 and 100 yCents equals $1.

How to Start Earning From Offers?

Step 1: Login to your ySense account and move your cursor on the “Offers” tab, as shown in the below image.

Next, click on any of the options to view the available offers.

ysense offers

Step 2: Now you will be able to see some offers with the number of yCents you can earn from a particular offer.

Next, you need to click on the offer you want to complete and then you should read the instructions required to complete the offer.

Step 3: Next, click on the continue button and complete the offer as it was described.

The yCents will be credited to your account in a few minutes or few hours.

3. Earn From ySense Tasks

Of all earning methods, ySense tasks are the best way to earn money because you can earn a stable income by completing tasks every day.

The more tasks you complete, the more you earn. There is no limit!

That is why this is my favorite method to earn from y Sense.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to understand but after you spend some time then you will become an expert in Tasks.

So, don’t give up so easily!

How Much Can I Earn From Tasks?

The amount you earn by performing ySense tasks depends on how much time you are spending and what is the pay rate for each task.

Some tasks are easy to complete, while others are tougher with the same pay rate.

You can easily earn $1 – $3 every hour. You will also get $5 every time after you make $50 from y Sense tasks.

ySense also runs the weekly contest and distributes $100 among top 10 members who have completed the more number of tasks in the last 7 days.

See the table of prize distribution below.

4 & 5$5 each
6 – 10$2 each

Look at the below image which shows the top performers of ySense tasks in the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days and all time.

ysense figureeight top workers

As you can see from the above image, people are completing over 300 tasks every 24 hours so imagine how much they are making.

Each task gives them $0.01 – $0.10+ (on avg $0.05).

How to Start Earning From Tasks?

Step 1: To start earning with ySense tasks, move your cursor on the “Tasks” menu and select “Complete Tasks” option.

Now you will be able to see some tasks with their title, level, pay per task amount, number of tasks and user ratings.

ySense FigureEight tasks

If you don’t see any jobs available then click on the “Help” button which is present on the right side and select “View Tour” option.

Now you will be able to see a popup message with FigureEight on it. Read the instructions and do as said there.

You might be asked to join FigureEight because it is a partner of ySense which provides Tasks.

FigureEight was formerly known as CrowdFlower.

Step 2: Now go to ySense task page again and click on the task you want to complete. You will again be taken to the FigureEight page.

There you will find some instructions to complete the task, now read the instructions carefully because you need to complete the “Quiz mode” first to start making money.

For every new task there will be a Quiz Mode and to qualify for Work mode, you need to complete Quiz mode by maintaining 70% accuracy.

Read below to know about various modes and how they affect your work.

Various Modes In FigureEight Tasks:

There are 3 kinds of modes in ySense/FigureEight tasks which you will experience while performing tasks.

Quiz mode: In this mode, you will be taken to (some 3 – 10) quiz questions and you need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass this mode.

FigureEight Quiz Mode

You will not earn anything when you are in the Quiz mode because it is performed to check the ability of the user.

Once you clear the quiz mode then you will be in “work mode“.

Work mode: In work mode, you will be paid for completing tasks but in order to be in work mode you need to maintain 70%+ accuracy.

work mode

Expel mode: If your accuracy is less than 70% then you will be expelled from the particular task but you don’t worry because you can take other tasks.

Based on the accuracy there are different levels in FigureEight tasks. Read below.

Different Levels In FigureEight Tasks

There are 4 levels in FigureEight tasks which are described below.

The higher your level is, the higher will be your earnings + you will get more number of tasks.

Level 0: Initially your level will be 0 since you are a beginner. At this level, there will be very few tasks available.

To increase your level you need to keep completing tasks while maintaining higher accuracy.

Level 1: To reach this level you need to have worked on 5 different tasks by answering at least 100 questions with 70% accuracy.

Level 2: You need to complete more tasks while maintaining 80% accuracy to reach level 2.

last, Level 3: You need to complete more tasks while maintaining 85% accuracy to reach level 3.

TIP: To get more number of tasks with higher pay rates, you need to increase your level to at least level 1.

The more tasks you complete, the easier it will become & you will more earn per each task.

If you didn’t understand properly about the FigureEight tasks then you need not worry because once you start working then you will understand everything and it will become easy.

4. Earn Through ySense Affiliate/Referral Program

ySense Affiliates means you will be paid a certain amount of commission when a person referred by you earns money on ySense.

Suppose you referred a friend who earned $50 from ySense Surveys, Offers or Tasks then you will get a 20% commission, which is equal to $10.

Also, when a person joins under you and makes $5 then you will receive $2 for free.

Look at the below image to learn how ySense Affiliates Program work.

You will also get a signup commissions from your referrals($0.10 – $0.30) if they are from Tier 1 countries.

India, Pakistan, etc are not in the Tier 1 countries list. Tier 1 list includes USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

ysense affiliate program

Benefits of Referral Program:

1: There is no limit on the amount you can from the Referral Program.
2: There is no limit on the number of people you can refer.
3: If you have many referrals then you will earn up to 30% commission of whatever they earn.

How To Refer People On ySense?

Get the most out of the referral program by referring as many people as you can because the more people you refer, the more you earn.

1: Word of the mouth is the best way to promote ySense so ask your friends who are seeking for extra pocket money to join ySense as your referral.
2: Also suggest y Sense to aged retired people and home based moms who are having lots of free time.
3: Share Your referral link with payment proofs on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. to get more referrals.
4: You can also create a blog to promote your Y Sense referral link.

Where Can I Find My Affiliate/Referral Link?

You can find your referral link on your “Account Summary” page in “Account Details” section.

You can also find banners to promote your referral link: move your cursor on Affiliates and select banners option.

Now you can copy that link and share it everywhere to get referrals.

After your friends have joined ySense, ask them to refer this page to learn how to earn from ySense.

How to Make More Money From ySense?

To get most out of ySense I recommend you to visit ySense daily and work at least for 1 hour.

I also recommend you to refer as many people as you can.

ysense daily checklist bonusThere is another great program on ysense, called as “Daily Checklist Bonus” which pays up to extra 16% commission based on your daily activity.

For example, suppose you have earned $5 today by performing surveys, offers & tasks and meet the requirements for Daily Checklist bonus then will earn up to $0.80 by claiming your bonus.

In order to complete the Daily Checklist:

1: You have to complete any of the following

a: A minimum of 10 FigureEight Tasks or *
b: A minimum of 2 surveys or offers from the surveys and offer pages (except video offers) or *
c: A minimum of 5 FigureEight Tasks and at least 1 survey or offer from the survey and offer pages(except video offers)*.

2: You have to visit at least one page of ySense forum and run ySense Addon for at least 1 hour.

ySense Tricks & Tips | ySense Hack

To earn more money, follow the below ySense Tricks and tips.

1: Login to your account daily and see if there are new surveys available. If available then complete 1 – 2 surveys and move on to next step.

2: Look into the offers and see if there are easy offers available. If you can find easy offers then complete 1 – 2 offers.

3: This is the best method: Go to tasks and complete as many tasks are possible. The more tasks you complete, the more you earn.

4: Run ySense Addon while you are active on ySense and visit the y Sense forum at least once.

5: After you have completed the above steps, go to your Account Summary page and see if you qualify for the daily checklist bonus or not.

If you qualify then claim your bonus to get up to 16% extra money on your current day earnings. (In case, you don’t qualify then try to complete the leftover work)

If you follow the above ySense Tricks then you can earn more money daily.

The best method to earn from ySense is Tasks so don’t neglect it. You can also increase your earning by referring people who are seeking for online jobs.

Note: The terms “ySense Tricks” and “ySense Hack” mean one and the same.

Many people search/ask for ySense hack so I have written about it here.

My Payment Proof | ySense Strategy

Check out my recent payment from ySense below.

ysense payment proof

As I’ve mentioned earlier, ySense was formerly known as ClixSense.

My ySense Strategy

I have been a member of ySense (ClixSense) since 13 Nov 2013,

For the first three years, I didn’t make much from ySense because I was very busy and I was new to the internet.

I made most of my money through referral commissions.

The main source that I used to get referrals is my blog.

You can too create a blog and start earning a lot from ySense by getting more referrals. Click here to learn how to create a blog.

If you are beginner then I don’t recommend you to go for a blog because blogging is very difficult.

I recommend you to work with ySense and try some other money making methods for at least a few months and then go for blogging.

Requirements To Earn?

1: A PC or a Laptop with an internet connection(smartphones can also be used but you may feel difficulties because of smaller screens)
2: A Gmail Account
3: A Bank Account (not necessary in the beginning)
4: A PayPal or a Payoneer or a Skrill account (called as online payment processors and they are like online banks)

► Whatever you earn online cannot be transferred to your bank account directly.
► So, the money you earn from ySense will be sent directly to your payment processor account.

And from the payment processor, you can easily transfer the money to your bank account.

Remember: In order to receive funds into your bank account, you need to create an account on any of the above payment processors and link your bank account with it.

You can join any or all of the above payment processors to receive money from y Sense.


ySense is one of the best websites to earn money from the internet without any experience.

So, please don’t ignore this website as it has been paying since 2007 and so far it has paid over 40 million dollars to its members.

Of all, the best method to earn from ySense is FigureEight tasks because you can earn an unlimited amount of money in a single day.

You will not earn anything online until you take any action. Read my journey to online money making jobs.

If you have any doubt about then you are free to comment below. Thanks for reading this ySense review.

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  1. I don’t get enough surveys for getting cash so I used VPN to show myself from USA. I am from turkey so ySense isn’t active as much as in USA. When I do that, I see more surveys but now the problem is I am getting blocked from completing surveys. Is there any way to get this thing done?

    1. You’re welcome! And God bless you too bro.
      Simply add your bank account to PayPal and verify it. Once done you will be able to see withdraw button under your balance on your PayPal dashboard page.

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