PtcShare Review 2021 | Tips & Tricks | Earn $1+ Per Click

Update 2021: PtcShare is no more a profitable site. Don’t waste your time at PtcShare as there is no way to make profits anymore.

If you still want to work with the PtcShare website then only work on surveys and offers. Do not invest!

Are you feeling the heat produced by the launch of PtcShare? Then do not worry because you are not alone.

PtcShare is the biggest Paid-to-click launch of 2019 and it’s going crazy when it comes to earning money online. Join it here.

PtcShare is from the same owners of the Giant, a legit and trusted site called Paidverts(online since 2013).

Tip: Wanna click big ads like these?

Big Paid Ads on PtcShare

It is very simple!
Just buy more and more Bulk Ads to get free BAPs. Every $1 = 2360 BAPs
And, from the next day, you will start seeing Big Ads.
Continue reading to know more….

Despite all the buzz, some people are confused about how the PtcShare site works. So, I’ve decided to help everybody who wants to make an impact and earn big.

This article will cover all the information needed to get yourself going on PtcShare.

The simplest PtcShare earnings guide and PtcShare review (scam or legit?) are here… Also, see payment proofs.

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PtcShare review and earning guide

Before we begin, if you haven’t joined Ptc Share yet then join it from here.

PtcShare Earnings Guide Summary:

  1. Gain as many BAPs as you can (view Activation Ads, buy Bulk Ads, etc..)
  2. Receive high-value Paid Ads based on the number of BAPs you have.
  3. Buy Super User Upgrade to receive higher value ads.
  4. Earn more through Cash & Survey Offers, Games, Grid, and Referral Program.

If you want a step-by-step Ptcshare earning guide then continue reading.

How to Earn Money From PtcShare?

When it comes to earning money from PtcShare, it is quite confusing because it has several methods to earn.

But don’t worry because the sole purpose of this guide is to let you know how PtcShare works.

How can I earn from PtcShare? how does it work?
Now, set those questions aside, and let’s begin…

There are 5 ways to Earn from PtcShare

  1. Through Paid Ads
  2. Cash Offers and Surveys
  3. Games
  4. Click Grid
  5. Referral Program

PtcShare is one of the best earning PTC sites over there. It was launched in June 2019. You can earn from it in the following ways:

1: Through Paid Ads (recommended)

This is my favorite method to earn from PtcShare. I keep buying bulk ads regularly to receive big ads to my account. (BAP group earnings)

Paid Ads are ads that will generate money when clicked. These ads are issued every day to your account(except on Saturday and Sunday).

Paid Ads differ in value for every user.

Some people get to click $10+ value ads while others click lower than $0.01 value ads.

That is because, it purely depends on the total BAPs you have in your account.

The value of ads usually range from $0.0005 to $150+ per click based on the total BAPs present in the user account.

What are BAPs?

BAP stands for Bonus Ad Point. 1 BAP = $0.0005

So, if you have 2000 BAPs ($0.0005 * 2000 = $1) then it means that you have $1.

But wait… how those BAPs will be converted into dollars?

PtcShare issues Ads to users every day(not on weekends) based on the total BAPs available in their account.

Unlike other PTC sites, on PtcShare you will see ads valued from $0.0005 to $150+

Yes, you can earn $150+ per ad view on Ptc Share. That’s what makes it different from other PTC sites.

Have a look at the below image: A $30 value ad.

Big ad on PtcShare

You can see that a single Ad is valued at $30.00

But not everybody gets to view a $30 value ad because it all depends on the total amount of BAPs you have.

A $30 value ad will consume at least 60,000 BAPs ($30 / $0.0005).

So in order to get big ads, you need to have more BAPs in your account. The more BAPs you have, the bigger will be the value of ads.

Now the question arises…

How to Earn/Accumulate BAPs?

There are 2 ways to accumulate BAPs on PtcShare.

A: Earn Free BAPs
B: Buy Bulk Ads

A: Earn Free BAPs

There are 2 ways to earn free BAPs.

1: Through viewing all activation ads. To do this follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to your PtcShare Account and click on the Paid Ads button.

ptcshare paid ads

Step 2: Scroll the page to see Activation Ads as shown in the image below.

You can view 8 activation ads every day.

BAP activation ads

Step 3: Now click on the View Activation Ad button and start earning BAPs

2: Through Achievements and other bonuses.

You can claim free BAPs every day from your Paid Ads page.

Also, you will be awarded BAPs when you make any Achievements.

Earning BAPs through free methods is very time-consuming so PtcShare introduced Bulk Ads. A win-win solution in every aspect.

B: Buy Bulk Ads (Best Option)

Bulk Ads is an awesome feature on PtcShare. This feature not only lets you advertise your website but also gives you 2360 BAP per every $1 you spend on purchasing Bulk Ads.

That means you will get 2360 BAPs($1.18 in paid ads) per every $1 you spend. And not to mention you get advertising credits as follows.

a: 50 website visits for 30 seconds each.
b: 25 impressions to your banner of size 728*90 or 468*60
c: 100 impressions to your banner of size 100*100

To buy Bulk Ads follow these Steps:

Step 1: Click on the Bulk Ads Button and Select Bulk Ads.

Step 2: Fill the below form.

Next, click the “Verify and Proceed” button. A new page will be opened where your website will be loaded. Check your website and then click the “Verify” button.

Buy Bulk Ads Page

Step 3: Add details for your banners.

Step 4: Done! Now you will receive 2360 BAPs/$1 instantly and your website will be advertised.

Remember: Bulk Ads are a win-win solution in every aspect.

The more bulk ads you buy, the more BAPs you gain,
The more BAPs you have, the more you earn.

Note: You can increase/lose your BAPs by playing gambling games. I do not recommend this as it is very risky.

Scroll down and read the PtcShare Tips & Tricks section to know about different Bap Group Levels and about blocking low-value ads.

2: Through PtcShare Cash Offers & Surveys

Just like ySense(I earned $21k from ySense),  PtcShare also offers its members to earn from Cash Offers and Surveys.

You can find all the Cash offers from the Cash Offers page.

Before you begin you need to complete your Survey profile. You can do so by clicking the “survey profile” link as shown below.

Note: 1 cent = $0.01

ptcshare cash offers

Survey/Opinion offers can be found on the Paid Ads page as shown below.

ptcshare surveys

To earn from these offers you need to give your true opinion about the suggested products or services.

3: Through PtcShare Games

PtcShare offers another way to earn BAPs and that is by playing games displayed on the Games page.

ptcshare games

Select the game you want to play and start earning BAPs. You will earn from 5 – 50 BAPs by playing games.

4: Through Click Grid

Like other PTC sites, PtcShare also offers Grid. Where you click on the random a grid and may win prizes.

Click Grid

Just click on any grid and view the advertisement. You may win up to $10 or 100,000 BAPs.

You have 20 chances to play Grid every day. So, go ahead and dig in.

5: Through Referral Program

If you are lazy or you just don’t have time to view ads then start referring people to PtcShare and make a passive income.

You get 7% of all the purchases made by your referral.
You also get 3% of all the paid ads viewed by your referral.

Above all, you get many different bonuses and achievements through your referrals.

PtcShare Tips and Tricks | Strategy

The best trick on PtcShare is to accumulate more BAPs because the more you have, the lower will be the chance of getting low-value ads.

If you have fewer BAPs in your account then you will get many ads worth $0.0005 or $0.001 which are very time-consuming and not worthy.

Most of the users leave PtcShare because of this problem but they don’t know that there is a hack(solution) for this.

There are 11 Bap Group Levels on Ptc Share and those levels depend on the number of BAPs you have. Have a look at the below chart.

ptcshare group level

In order to block low-value ads, you need to have more BAPs. See the image below.

block low value ads

If your ads were recycled then you can buy Recycle Upgrade which costs $0.05 and it expires after delivering at least 2k bonus ad points.

There is also Mini and Mega Super User upgrades which help you get very high-value ads.

Another tip is to refer more people and guide them on how to earn from PtcShare.

So these are the PtcShare Tips and Tricks that I can share with you. Follow this PtcShare Strategy and earn huge.

PtcShare Review | Scam or Legit?

Current StatusPaying

PtcShare is a sister site of PaidVerts with more unique and improved features.

It pays via PerfetcMoney, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

Is PtcShare Scam?

No – As of now PtcShare is new and Paying.

Here is are my PtcShare payment proofs. I’ve used Bitcoin to withdraw my earnings. I am one of the top earners of PtcShare.

$194.77 is the biggest payment I’ve received so far.

Try Zintego to generate your invoices.

PtcShare Payment Proofs

Is PtcShare Legit?

No – A PTC site can be considered as Legit only if it is online and paying for 1 year and is not shady.

But I can assure you that PtcShare is strong enough to stay for that long.

PtcShare review is now completed!

Note: There is no PtcShare app on Google play store or App store. The Apk’s you find online are fake. Stay away from them!


PtcShare is new and is going crazy so, this is the best time to grow your account and earn big.

Do you know? Ptc Share is one of the top 5000 visited websites in the world(Alexa rankings). It is growing very fast.

If you are looking for some other ways to make money online then check these 10 best money-making methods and start earning.

So, this is it, guys! PtcShare review and earnings guide is not complete. I hope this guide will help you to earn more. If you have any queries then you can comment below.

6 thoughts on “PtcShare Review 2021 | Tips & Tricks | Earn $1+ Per Click”

  1. Robert Elowaski

    This guide is wonderful. I was new to Ptcshare and I never joined Paidverts so I didn’t really understood how it worked.
    This guide saved me. Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Dont work on shity ptcshare or paidverts. They both are scam. I worked on ptcshare for about 3 months and bought 10 usd worth of paid ads but when I reached to group 2 they just blocked my account and when I tried to contact to admin they said you are using multiple accounts and they didn’t show me the other accounts. And that is not true. I know the terms of all the PTC sites. Why should I work so hard for so long and then broke the terms. I hope that will help someone out there and will save your precious time. Thanks

  2. According to your article, buying Bulk Ads is the Best Option. So, how can I buy Bulk Ads to increase my BAPS if I do not have a product nor website to promote?

    I am currently paralyzed and mostly bedridden, ineligible to work but need a sustainable livelihood to pay for food and meds.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Live long and prosper.

    1. If you don’t have a website then you can promote any website. You can promote MoneyWika 😉
      But I do not recommend buying bulk ads without any website to promote because you will lose some real traffic that can give you some extra income.

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