My Payment Proofs from the best Online Jobs

Welcome to my Payment Proofs page. On this page, I will show you some of the payments I received from online money making sites. (see proofs)

All these payments are pure results of my hard work. You can too start receiving big payments like me if you become serious and start working.

Continue reading to know how I started making money online.

My Journey to Online Money Making jobs:

After I completed my intermediate, I started searching for online jobs from home in mid-2013, at that time I didn’t even know that it was possible to make money online but I continued.


For the first five months, I struggled a lot to make money but made nothing. I was scammed by sites like MassOnlineSolutions which asked me to do some ad posting and data entry jobs.

What I learned from my failure was: to never ever try jobs like data entry, ad posting, and SMS sending.


successIn Feb 2014, I finally received my first payment from the internet and it was just $0.12(6 rupees). I was really very happy then as it was the first earnings of my life.

Now I am highly successful because I never gave up and always believed that one day I will be successful, and that’s the reason why now I am earning thousands of dollars every month.

The reason I struggled in the beginning, was because there was no one to guide me. I was alone in the hunt and was lured by the scammers.

Suggestion for you:

If you don’t want to waste your time as I did then follow the methods which are provided on this blog.

If you follow those methods then I give 100% guarantee that you will start making money online within the first 5 or 10 days.

The reason I started this blog is to help beginners in succeeding online without being scammed.

Below you are going to find a few of my online earning payment proofs.

Payment Proofs from PTC sites:

PTC stands for paid-to-click, it means you will be paid just for viewing advertisements.

Viewing advertisements is not the only method to earn from PTC sites, there are some other methods too.

I work on 5 – 10 PTC sites every day and on avg, I make $500 – $1000 pure profit every month. See my payment proofs below.

payment proofs from ptc-sites

Learn how to earn money from Neobux.

To learn how PTC sites work and how to earn from PTC sites: check PTC Sites guide

Payment Proof from ySense:

ySense is the best GPT site and it is online since 2007. Everybody can earn from ySense without any investment at all.

ySense always pays via PayPal and gift cards.

I have already received $21,000 from ySense. Check out my latest ySense payment proof below.

payment from ysense

To learn how to earn money from ySense, check this guide: How to earn from ySense?

Payment Proofs from Captcha Solving Sites:

I guess you already know what Captchas are. You can easily earn up to $2 daily by solving Captchas online.

Check out my latest Payment proof from one of the best Captcha solving site.

Captch payment proof

To learn what are captchas and how to earn money by solving captchas: check Captcha Solving Jobs guide

Payment Proofs from Article Writing Jobs:

By Article writing jobs I mean you will be paid for writing some content on any topic.

Earning money online and getting paid by PTC sites or captcha solving sites may take a few days but you can get paid today itself by writing some content.

Check out my latest payment proofs below from Article writing jobs.

Article Writting Payment Proof

To learn what is article writing and how to earn money by writing articles: check Article Writing Jobs guide

Payment Proofs from Bitcoin Earning sites:

Bitcoin has become a very hot topic today because the value of 1 Bitcoin has increased from $800 (Nov 2016) to $15,000 (Jan 2018).

Everybody wants to earn Bitcoin for free. Check out my payments from Bitcoin earning sites.

bitcoin earning websites payment proofs

To learn more about Bitcoin and how to earn, check this guide: Earn free Bitcoins

Few Other Payment Proofs:

This is my very recent payment from 2Captcha.

captcha jobs payment proof

My latest Payment from a PTC site called PTCShare

Ptcshare payment proof

So, this is all the payment proofs I can show you. I receive about 15 – 20 payments every month from different sites but I can’t keep posting them here because it takes time to take a screenshot and post here.