5 Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment (Make $10+/Day)

Online Typing Jobs are one of the simplest ways to make money online because you’ll only have to put your fingers & eyes at work.

Almost everybody who has access to the internet is looking for online typing jobs without investment.


Typing jobs are very easy. They do not require any involvement of your brain at all.
Even a kid who knows how to type can earn money online by typing. 
Keep reading this post to find the best typing sites and start earning.

Mostly students & housewives living in India, Canada, and other countries are searching for typing jobs from home with daily payment option.

online typing jobs from home

Though typing jobs are easy, there is a lot of scam/fraud involved in it because there are many websites that ask you to pay for the registration fee to start working.

Just for the record, more than 90% of the websites/companies who ask for the registration fee are fraud.

Just think, why would anybody ask you to pay money in order to provide work? sounds fishy, right?

I don’t want my readers to lose their money so, I am going to teach you how to identify fraud typing jobs.

And, I will also suggest some free typing jobs from home that don’t require any registration fee.

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Contents of this Post:

How to Identify Scam/Fraud Typing Jobs?

Believe me, most of the websites that have registration fee are scams.

You’ll only waste your money if you fall for those sites.

how to identify scam jobs

Follow these steps to identify if an online job is scam or genuine.

Suppose you were told or discovered a site which is offering online typing jobs or other jobs and if you want to know if it is a scam or genuine then you’ll have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Search about the site in Google including these keywords “review” or “scam” or “legit”

For example, let’s say the name of the website is xyzjobs.com then search for “xyzjobs review” or “xyzjobs scam” etc.

Step 2: Now open about 2 – 3 pages listed on google and read the reviews about the site you searched.

Step 3: If you found 80%+ positive ratings then the website is genuine otherwise it is a scam.

Note: The websites that ask you for the registration fee are 90+% scam by default.

5 Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

In 2013, even I was cheated by a data entry/ad posting website where I paid Rs 400/- for the registration fee and was promised to get daily payments but got nothing in return.

So I kept searching and finally discovered the following online typing jobs without registration fee.

1: Freelance Typing Jobs

There are some freelancing websites that offer many kinds of online typing jobs such as data entry, copy paste and more.

The most popular freelancing sites where you can find typing jobs without registration fee are Freelancer and Upwork.

Both Freelancer & Upwork are hugely popular and are 100% genuine.

To start working on Freelancer and Upwork you need to create an account on each site.

While setting up your profile you need to add these skills (Copy Typing, Data Entry, PDF, word & other related skills) if you want a typing job.

Steps to Find Typing Jobs on Freelancer:

1: Search for “typing jobs freelancer” in Google and click on the first result.

freelancer typing jobs search

2: Now you will be able to see many online typing jobs listed on freelancer.

3: Go through those jobs and click on the “Bid now” button for the typing job you are willing to apply.

Bid for a Job

4: Next you need to enter the amount you want to charge for completing that job then click on the “Place Bid” button to submit the bid.

Note: Many people will be bidding for the same job so, since you are a beginner I recommend you to bid lower amount than the avg bid because bidding lower amounts will increase the chances for getting hired.

5: After placing the bid, if you are hired then you will get an email notification.

Now you need to complete the given typing job before the deadline to earn money.

Steps to find Typing Jobs on UpWork:

1: Search for “typing jobs upwork” in Google and click on the first result.

typing jobs search upwork

Freelancer and UpWork are very similar so follow the above steps to find a typing job on UpWork.

Both of these websites will have daily payments option on but you need to have min withdrawal amount in your account in order to receive daily payments.

2: Captcha Typing Jobs

Captcha typing jobs are very easy because to earn money by typing you need to type the text displayed on the image in the provided box.

captchaBy typing Captchas you can earn from $0.35 to $2 per 1000 Captchas.

The Sample of a Captcha is shown in the image towards the right.

There are many websites that pay money for typing Captchas and the most popular Captcha typing website is 2Captcha.

To earn money from 2Captcha you need to create an account there. Then login to your account and click on ‘StartWork’ menu.

Next, click on the ‘start’ button and start typing the displayed Captchas to earn money.

When you reach $1 then you can withdraw your earnings.

To learn more about Captcha typing jobs and to find more Captcha typing sites refer this page: Online Captcha Jobs

3: Content Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs are a little bit different from online typing jobs because while writing content you’ll have to put your brain to work too along with your fingers & eyes.

Content writing means you should write about the given topic in your own way & it should be 100% unique.

Do not worry because you can choose any topic to write.

be creative

There is a huge demand for content writers because many blogs & news sites require content regularly to keep their business alive.

If you are good at Grammar then I recommend you to become a content writer because you can earn huge amounts of money by writing content.

As a beginner, if you start writing content from today then on avg, you will earn $2.5 per 500-word content/article.

If people like your content then you will become popular and your earning per 500-word article will keep increasing.

There are many content writers who earn over $35 per 500-word articles.

To write a 500-word content it takes less than 2 hours. So just imagine how much your earning will be if you write good content.

To learn more about content writing jobs check this article writing jobs guide.

4: Online Micro Jobs

Online Micro Jobs are very tiny jobs that include works like typing, liking on FB, registering on sites, watching videos, clicking ads, downloading apps/files and more.

online micro jobs

Yes, online micro job sites will pay you for doing those kinds of very simple jobs. You don’t need to have any experience to earn from Micro Jobs.

Since Micro Jobs are tiny, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete a Micro Job. The earning per each micro job will be between $0.05 to $1.

The more micro jobs you complete the more you will earn.

To start earning money doing online micro jobs you need to join some sites called as Micro Job sites. Check this Online Micro Jobs guide to learn everything about micro jobs step by step.

5: Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money from home because a successful blog generates very high + stable income for years.

Blogging requires lots of typing because you should keep writing content regularly to make it successful.

Normally a blog grows very slowly in the beginning but once it catches up, it starts generating huge amounts of money.

Not every blog becomes successful because a blogger needs to have good knowledge on what his blog is about, he also needs to have good knowledge on on-page & off-page SEO + have patience.

You can create a blog on anything and start typing your thoughts(in terms of posts)

For example, if you are good at cooking then you can create a blog on cooking and can write recipes for preparing tasty dishes.

Learn how to create a blog step-by-step and start building your blog for stable online income.

So these are the best online typing jobs without investment for students, housewives, retired, etc..

People from India, Pakistan, Europe and other countries can earn from online typing jobs without any registration fee.

Check Your Typing Speed

To finish the online typing work quickly your typing speed need to be good. So I am going to show you how you can test/improve your typing speed.

To test your typing speed first, go to this site: http://thetypingcat.com/

Then click on the “Typing Test” button, a new page will open.

Now you need to start typing the text displayed on the screen.

Typing Speed test

After typing for one minute it will display your typing speed. On avg, the typing speed of a normal person is 38 – 40 WPM(words per minute).

And my typing speed is 45 – 50 WPM 🙂

If your typing speed is lower than 38 WPM then you can improve your typing speed by taking their free typing courses.

To do so visit their homepage again and click on “Typing Courses” button.

There will be two free courses Basic & Advanced. Select any course depending on your needs and start learning.

Final Thoughts:

These days there is nothing you’ll get easily because there is a huge competition for everything.

So I recommend you to create an awesome profile on Freelancer & Upwork because having a good profile helps in getting hired easily.

If you want to work on Captcha Typing or Micro Jobs then there will be no competition but the earnings will be low.

If you want to go with Content writing jobs or Blogging then you need to have good writing skills.

Online typing jobs are easy and you may earn some money but there is nothing you’ll learn because even if you type for 10 years, the only benefit will be an increase in your typing speed and nothing else.

So I recommend you to try these Genuine online jobs because those jobs will not only generate you money but will also teach you many things.

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